Father’s Day

Meeting for the first time

A year ago we spent Tom’s first Father’s day in the hospital when Hudson developed a high fever and had several seizures. This Father’s day, Tom definitely deserved a do-over. Although he still made everyone breakfast this morning and mowed the lawn, we had some fun too. A nice Father’s day lunch, a family bbq and playtime in the backyard. I guess all our activities revolve around food!

On Father’s day I wanted to take the time to say how happy I am to see that Hudson is taking after his daddy in so many ways. Hudson is clearly developing his dad’s goofy side. He’ll probably grow up to be the class clown. But even now, at only 20 months, I can see other traits that are very daddy like.  He’s such a loving little boy and he has a gentle, caring and sensitive way about him.

I want Hudson to be successful in whatever he chooses to be in life, but I also want him to be successful at being a good person. Tom will be a wonderful role model in teaching him how to be respectful and kind to others.

Tom will definitely be a great role model for teaching Hudson how to treat his future partner in life. If Hudson learns how to treat someone with half the love, respect and kindness that Tom shows me, then he’ll make someone very happy one day. The funny and goofiness  is all just the icing on the cake. There’s never a day without laughs in this house.

Happy Father’s day, we love you!

And today at lunch


2 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Awwww. Really lovely post- love the picture of Hudson and Tom !

  2. That was a great article Lisa…I am so enjoying seeing Hudson daily! And so happy he is doing well.

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