Losing steam

We went to the zoo today and I couldn’t wait to take Hudson on the train. He loves his trains! As we got closer and he could hear the “choo, choo” he got so excited.

Watching everyone else get on the train. When is it my turn?

Apparently every other person at the zoo decided to ride the train at the same time. The line for a 4 minute train ride took 5 times as long. You do the math. Sure, it’s not a long time to wait, but with an antsy toddler in a confined space where you need to stay in line, it’s more than long.

Where is this train?!?

We finally made it! Wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for, ha! Although afterwards he did keep saying “choo choo” for the rest of the time at the zoo, so I think he secretly enjoyed it.


One response to “Losing steam

  1. sarah thogmartin

    sometimes the anticipation is better than the ride!

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