Tomorrow we become a family of 4

I can’t believe the time is finally here. It’s gone by super fast and slow at the same time! By this time tomorrow we should be welcoming our little girl into the world. I need to write this post now, early in the day, before I become too emotional later. I’m excited, happy, nervous and anxious all at the same time.

I’m so thrilled that tomorrow we’ll finally get to meet our little girl and that our family will be complete. It’s bittersweet on many levels. As much as I am SO over being pregnant right now it is strange to think that this is likely (98% sure) the last time I’ll ever be pregnant. While it comes with so many aches and pains, it’s still something so special and such a unique 9 months out of your life. And that also means I have to quit eating desserts after every meal.

I’m also anxious about the newborn stage again- lack of sleep, constant breastfeeding, and this time with a toddler running around. But at the same time, this will likely be the last time I’ll have a newborn and get to relish all those tiny baby moments. So I don’t want to rush through it either.

The hardest part of today is looking at Hudson and thinking it’s his last day of being an only child. I’m so excited he’s getting a sibling and he’ll be a great big brother, but just knowing he really has no clue what’s about to happen tomorrow makes me emotional. I just want to hold him and give lots of extra hugs and kisses today. He’ll always be my favorite son!

So, I’m signing off as a mother of 1 and will return to my next post as a mother of 2!


One response to “Tomorrow we become a family of 4

  1. sarah thogmartin

    i’m so excited…anxiously awaiting news!

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