Boyd Dinner Challenge

Sunday we began a new rule in the Boyd house. We eat dinners together and no TV! No more sticking Hudson in his highchair with the TV on while we run around and do things around the house. Of course I know there will be times when it’s not possible, but we are going to do our best to eat together as often as we can. I’ve been reading about how kids eat in France and how they happily eat all sorts of food and sit at the table for long drawn out dinners with their parents. The philosophy made sense to me. When kids sit at the table and eat with their parents they learn by watching how adults eat and are more apt to try new foods when mom and dad are eating them too. That means the kids also eat what the parents are eating. We’ll see how well and how long this actually lasts, but so far, so good!

We had take out Sunday so we all ate different items, but last night we had pizza and salad (we are starting easy) and Hudson actually ate salad AND asked for more!





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