I want a t-shirt that says, “We survived flying to Hawaii with 2 toddlers”

We survived the flight to Hawaii and back and after that I feel like we can fly anywhere with the kids!

Considering how long they were on planes in very small spaces with limited toys I think they both did great and Hudson has already asked me today when we are going on a plane again. I need a little more time to recover.

These videos made me laugh because all we can do is make the best of it! Hudson was having a little dance party in the Starbucks while we were waiting to board at 9:30pm! He fell asleep shortly after this before we even boarded.

After checking out of our place at noon with almost 10 hours to kill before getting on the plane, a trip to the ER, a speeding ticket, a change of jammies mid-flight due to a few accidents…they still were happy and singing once we arrived in Denver….or they were completely delusional.


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