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December days…

The weather has been nice out the past few days. Hudson actually got on his bike today and took it for a spin. A very, very slow spin. But it was a start. We went to the park and Hudson wanted to hold Nene’s hand the whole way. He kept getting concerned when he was “riding” his bike that Nene was going to run away because she was walking ahead of us. She’s got a little protector that’s for sure.

Christmas apron

Many years ago, back in my SF days, I purchased this holiday apron. I thought it was cute and didn’t realize until I got home that it actually came with a little matching apron too. I held on to it all this time, a few years back I almost gave it to a friend with a little girl thinking someone should get use out of it! But I didn’t. I kept it for some reason. And, Nene is that little reason. Today, we baked our first Christmas cookies together in our aprons. A new tradition was started!


Christmas Eve

Despite the kiddos not feeling their best we still had a fun day. Hudson and Nene played “Santa” today which consisted of them pulling each other around by an iPhone charger.

We made cookies for Santa and left him milk and the reindeers got carrots.


Pre Santa fun

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Better times while waiting in line to see Santa.

I want a t-shirt that says, “We survived flying to Hawaii with 2 toddlers”

We survived the flight to Hawaii and back and after that I feel like we can fly anywhere with the kids!

Considering how long they were on planes in very small spaces with limited toys I think they both did great and Hudson has already asked me today when we are going on a plane again. I need a little more time to recover.

These videos made me laugh because all we can do is make the best of it! Hudson was having a little dance party in the Starbucks while we were waiting to board at 9:30pm! He fell asleep shortly after this before we even boarded.

After checking out of our place at noon with almost 10 hours to kill before getting on the plane, a trip to the ER, a speeding ticket, a change of jammies mid-flight due to a few accidents…they still were happy and singing once we arrived in Denver….or they were completely delusional.


We couldn’t let the cold keep us inside any longer!

One bonus of going to the zoo in 35 degree weather…we were practically the only crazy ones there!